Cool Links For Awesome People

tumblr_logruq9mto1qcpacio1_500Hi My Loves,

Soooooooo it’s the weekend and we all know what that means……………….FUN TIME!!!!!!! So here for you are some fun links  to get the fun times rollin’

  • For All You F.R.I.E.N.D.S Fans
  • Great advice for people who has dated or currently dating a writer
  • My new Fave website
  • For You Gals – You’ll love this site – Thanks Catherine G  😀
  • Best Bloody Mary – For You’re Hangover
  • Fashion inspiration
  • Lynn Hirschberg  ask 25 Celebs who there cinematic crush is ….. Love Jessica Chastain’s Answer
  • For  anyone going through the writing/publishing process
  • Love this guy’s music Jack Savoretti – you’ll love him too

Enjoy your weelend, whatever you may be doing. Please stay safe

Love L


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