Thank You In Gif Form – Courtesy Of My Girl Crush Jennifer

Hi My Loves,

So I know for the past few weeks and the past few posts I’ve been all, well a bit dark and I’m sorry…….. It’s just that I can’t write because


So I was angry at the world  and felt like this:


But then a magical thing happened. People I love and adore started to  ‘Like’ my FB page ie: and I was all:


Then all you lovely people were reading my blog and more wonderful people pressed the follow button and  now they will be reading it allllll the time and I was all:


But then I thought :


Nevertheless it has to be said, too every single one of you amazing people who have ‘liked’ the FB page or clicked the the Follow button, liked a post or commented on this page – I love it when that happens – I have to tell you all with my whole heart


Love L


P.s None of the Above Gifs are mine – I’m not that awesome

One Comment Add yours

  1. Excellent Gifs usage, ma’am. 😉

    It’s always a great feeling to know you’re starting to get out there in social media. Keep going. You might grow bigger, faster than you imagined.

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