Hey guys and gals

So I hope you’re all having a wonder day and week. Is I am writing a new novel and as with all novels some research is required ( I love starting new story because the possibilities’ a endless) So my main characters best friend  is going to be a song writer so of course I looked up some of my fave song writers ( Carly Simon, Cat Stevens and Jim Morrison) so as it turns out Cat Stevens and Carly Simon used to be in a relationship ( go figure) and they wrote songs about each other one of which is one of my faves Anticipation.

Another song – also written about Stevens – was Legend in Your Own Time Cat wrote his song Sweet Scarlet and Angelsea about Carly. After their brief liaison during 1970-1971 they ended amicably. Carly even record a cover of one of Cat Steven’s songs Into White which was the title of that album.

I think this is the reason why I love music sooooo much. There is always a story behind everything ( well most of the time anyway) I look up the lyric of these songs and I now can see that Sweet Scarlet about is Carly She was so much younger then, wild like the wind A gypsy with a grin from an old far away country but deep beneath her curls

If your a fan of either Cat or Carly go on to you tube and find these songs. They were so deeply in love it amazes me.



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