Love Letter To My Friends


I’ve often said that women need their friends like guys need sex and beer. I know that’s the case with me. I’ve been really lucky, I’ve had the same group of friends since the age of fourteen. After a false start in my first year of high school ( when my old group got jealous of me hanging with the same friends I have now and where sitting on the playground, sitting in a circle and once a walked over and sat down with them, they all literally turned their back on, some of them actually having to stand up and sit back down so that could turn their back on me #allgirlshighschool )

Something Borrowed

Me and my gals annoy each other, love each other and are aunties to each other’s kids and will be their all each other in a phone call, no matter where we are in the world. We have different dreams, some are living their dreams and some of us are working hard to make our dreams happen. Some of us want to be reincarnated into fish living in the drainage systems of a hospital ( all the good drugs all down the drain, that’s why) Some of us a mothers, about to be mothers, trying to be mothers, some of us want to get married and some of us are contently single. No matter what we are of where we want to go, we love each other and I think that at the end of the day, no matter what happens they have my back and that is what really matters


I know that our friendship have grown over time and will keep growing because thats what great friendships do

Love L


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