Editing :-(



Hi My Loves,

I hope you all had a wonderful and safe holiday. I slept the whole of boxing day and I mean the whole day – I was awake for maybe two hours in total, I have never been so dehydrated in my life and no it was from too much drinking – I stupidly left my electric blanket on during the night as I slept and woke up feeling like crap with the worst headache, ever. Thankfully today I am all better, thank god.


So I decided to start editing the first draft of my novel and no one tells you just how boring it is  and I mean boring. It just makes me think, god, why didn’t I get it right the first time and I have a tendency to beat myself up a little about things not being prefect or thinking – why didn’t I edit while I was writing it. I lasted an hour and I got twenty one pages in and all I want to do is curled up in front of my fire place, drinking coffee, while reading someone else masterpiece

540302_523708377653388_145604315_n_large{photo from cupcakes and cashmere }

And there is the problem – how am I meant to get published and get this novel prefect if I hate editing it. It needs to be done but maybe I am just in the wrong frame of mind

Creating a world is so much more fun then making it prefect

Any advice

love L




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