Writers Block……… You Son Of A….



You know when you have the perfect idea for a novel and you can see exactly how it will play out in your head, but you can’t get it down on paper….

So here’s the thing, I’ve been trying to write, I promise, I really have and yes little bits and pieces have been coming out on paper ( or rather Word2012)  but it’s other been one or two scenes and it’s bitsy. I am not happy with it. #frustrating.

So I went onto Tumblr, as you do when you’ve been staring at a screen for two hours and all you have to show for it is

Liv walked  through the hospital. God she hated this place, hated that Maggie had to be there and hated that someone had put her there……..

So I looked up ‘Writers Block’ because it is part and parcel of the whole deal I mean I am at my wits end and lost a little faith but that normal, right?

So I scroll down and find this post by (http://paarrriiiisssss.tumblr.com/) that says  I have lost my writing touch. My ability to think, imagine, create, destroy, or put myself into words is gone…

And inside I like YES, someone understands me. Someone gets it now how do I fix it? That simple answer is………. I have no clue. So as I write this post in my office dancing in my seat to Sugarland’s song Steve Earle (true story) my head is still going, trying to get this idea down on paper.


I’m starting to know my characters, even though I’m always learning things about them but I know what they look like and if they were in a movie, who would play them (yes, sad I know. Feel free mock or feel free to agree, either way I’m happy) – I know how it is going to end but I don’t know how to get there eloquently.

So in closing, I would just like to say…………………. It’s going to be a long night.

Send hugs…..

Love L


(P.s. I am now dancing to Love Me Two Times by The Doors, If you were wondering)

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