Working Nine To Five…… We’ll get There In The End

We All Fall DownHello My Darlings,

It is not very La Vie Bohème but I have a nine to five job………… I know, shocking right?  An office job and it pays my bills and I need to eat so I am paying my dues as well as paying my bills and yes sometimes the only thought in my head is


So even though I work at the same company , Two years back they have placed me in a new section……………….. Customer Service. Now let me just say that after working in Customer Service two years,  I now have the upmost respect for people in that job because it can be sooooo annoying and it is sooo hard to keep your cool at times. I am now finding grey hairs and I am blaming the stress of my previous CS role . Not long after they placed me in the CS role there was a bunch of Bank ad’s over here in Oz all about good customer service and I found them funny but now they take on a whole new meaning to me because I wish I could have been Barbra the Banker, at times at my work, sometimes still in the section I am in now I have Barbra the Banker moments

Even though I wish I could jump on the next plane to Paris, New York or Boston and live a life I always dreamed of I can’t because of responsibilities, family and friends that I love and adore. I just know that one day it will happen – I can sign my resignation letter, put it on the bosses desk and walk out looking like this…


I just have to hang in there until then and it is hard but nothing worth having was ever easy and that is going to make it all that much sweeter once I get to where I am going.

Love L



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