Tis The Season Of Excesses


Hi My Loves

Tis the season of excesses, indulging  in all aspects of life including great food, organic wine and for family and the families we make ourselves and in my case in a Summer heatwave, that always hits Christmas/new years week – the beach.

So here’s some tips for you all – The ones I love

 * Eat Before You Party – More nights out mean more early morning fast food for most of us. Eat a balanced meal before you head out – not only will it stop you from eating greasy fried food later, but it will also stop you from overeating at parties.

Late Nights– overdoing it take their toll on your eyes.  A neat trick I’ve just learnt . Apply a cold, moist tea bag under each eye for 10 minutes in the morning – the tannin in the tea reduces puffiness and is a cheap way to stop bags under your eyes.

* Getting Decent Sleep – Sleeping at night is also prime fat burning time. Don’t sleep too much, and don’t sleep to little. Try to keep to a fairly normal schedule in spite of the fact that you’re on holiday.

* Take Care Of Your Feet –  My Goddess of a friend Helena once told me  ‘ The Prettier Shoes, The Hurtier The Feet’  and this is only too true when it comes to my shoe collection. Try not to wear killer high heels every night and invest in those gel cushion things – their a life saver.



If you get drunk:

* Toast. Before going to bed, make a  piece of burnt toast, and wash it down with a big glass of water. The burnt part of the toast is carbon, which absorbs many of the toxins that give you that terrible hangover.

* Reflexology. When you wake up, rub the outer edge of your right foot, halfway between the middle of your foot and your pinky toe. This is the reflex point to the liver. You may notice some “crunchy” texture, which is a sign that some congestion is in the area.


Don’t Drink and Drive. Don’t walk home by yourself. If your in a taxi cab by yourself call a friend as your getting into the cab and when you get home – or just talk to them the whole way home, like I do.

Stay safe and have fan

Love L



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