Silly Friends


Hi My Darlings,

I’ve often have said in my life that women need their friends like men need sex and I truly believe that. There is nothing like your friends and i find that there is nothing like friend you can be silly with.


I have all types of friends and depending on the issue and whatever you want to talk about you pick the friend to talk to about it but I find the best friendships are the friends that you can be silly with. You know those moments when you’re talking complete crap and laughing until your face hurts and if anyone around you could hear what you were talking about they would think you were a dits, on drugs or insane  but it doesn’t matter to you because  your having so much fun.


This week in my nine to five life we had the extreme pleasure of a fire drill  which for safety reason yes we have to do once  every now and again and I wouldn’t mind so much if……………………………… we didn’t  work on the top floor of a twenty stories building. yes that means twenty flights of stairs ( my legs are actually more sore now two days later then they were when we actually did the drill but nothing a good yoga session  won’t fix)

So there we all are in our evacuation area at eleven thirty the suns starting to move so there is no cover anywhere and it’s starting to really heat up, so we’re all getting sticky and sweaty and we just have to wait, so of course we all get on FB so we’re all tagging each other saying  it was a picnic in the park ~ Where are you? – I’m under the tree, where are you? – I’m under the other tree .. that type of stuff, I mean what else is a gal to do while waiting.

Eventually we get the all clear to return to work and we get back and all we really want is water and a long shower ( sorry too personal?) so I’m coming back from the kitchen with my water and I smell perfume that smells like Britney – I know my friend who I’ve know since high school wears this perfume so I walked up to her desk and ask Did you spray perfume?  and without missing a beat, she turns around and says It’s Britney, Bitch! Which of course had me on the floor with laughter



So what’s the point of this very wordy post – “A true friend is someone who thinks that you are a good egg even though he knows that you are slightly cracked.”

Silly friends – every gals gotta have some

love L


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