Everyday Is A Winding Road To Greener Pastures

Hi my Loves,


So I was having a discussion with a friend I work with about my first novel  in the ladies bathroom ( Have you even noticed how many serious convos happen in the ladies loo? Seriously what is with that? but it happens) so this friend has read countless drafts of my first novel and loved them all and that why she was surprised when I informed her that I was going to scrap the whole thing.


I started to write Everyday Is A Winding Road  when I was about twenty-two/twenty three and it was the first time I began to take my writing seriously – as all great first drafts do, it when through some changes/restructuring – okay fine I gave it the complete cat-like face lift and it went for one book to three. Was that an under taking. Writing and creating was all new to me and there are some pot-holes that you can fall into. Everything time I re wrote it  the story got better but still looking at it now – it still need at lot of work – too much work. I placed my main characters in NYC and basically gave them the life I wished I had. Too much detail on the wrong thing (on what they were wearing/what they were eating) and a lot of themes and events that happened I have and want to use in other stories  and in a better way then I have previously. My greatest fear as a writer (other than never getting published)  is writing the same story just changing the character names. I would hate that more than I can express.


Even though I do love these character sooo much Layla, Peyton and Raquel – I think they have serviced their purpose. They were my training wheel, my playground and I learnt a great deal from them  but it’s time to let them go and say thank you and goodbye. That’s not to say that I need to learn soooooooo much more or that I won’t revisit them or parts of them in the future but for now I am  ready t see goodbye and more on to greener pastures


Love L



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