Prohibition Girl

The Great Haley James Scott once said:
Sometimes I feel incredibly disconnected, uncomfortable in my own skin. Or, kinda like I don’t fit into this world. Like I was born at the wrong time, and I don’t belong.
Where do I belong: The Prohibition Era
Sly grog shops flourished and gangs of thugs.Speakeasies and Jazz. Flappers and philosophers. A brash new bred of women  for wearing excessive makeup, drinking, smoking, driving, and otherwise flouting social and sexual norms. Heaven forbid. They were trailblazers and I will be forever grateful to those women because without them – who knows where we would the women were allowed to be today.
I’ve always thought of  myself as a  1960’s – 1970’s hippy but the more I learn the more I get drawn to the 1920’s to 1930’s. Billie Holiday was my favorite all time female singer. Who knows maybe one of my past lives’ was in the 30’s.
With  The Great Gatsby and Lawless, in Australia we had a little series called Underbelly:Razor  and The HBO  series Boardwalk Empire . I have my fingers and toes crossed that this prohibition era craze in the entertainment industry will continue in the fashion world.
I’ve always been a gal that has tried to fit into a modern mold but I look at the fashion of that era and I know I would feel comfortable in it. It’s classy, elegant and had a personality all of its own. I think those are things that the fashion world has lost, today. Now it is all about what label that is stitched on to what your wearing or how much you paid for it.
I guess the bottom line, no matter what your style is, no matter what era you feel most comfortable (or think you’d feel comfortable it) be it, do it. Dress like it. If that’s who you are or who you want to be. Do it, be it and love it. Life is too short not to be yourself
Love L

One thought on “Prohibition Girl

  1. Hi Libby you couldn’t be more true with what you have written the fashion industry has lost it self being .
    Times were hard then right from the 20’s to early 60’s but it always amazed me the women dressed beautiful , comfort and elegance within it own style . I look around and see many women that are in the wrong era I’m included within this group sometimes it makes me think is time going to repeat itself within the beauty of these times. It was great to read this , keep it up because it brings out the imagination of the individual.
    I enjoyed this …..

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