Seven In Heaven

Hi My loves,
This week hasn’t gone the way I had planned, since i caught a killer bug and I feel like death warmed up, the plans for the weekend went right out the window,since anywhere but my house,my bed and my couch are out of the question. The Sydney weather isn’t helping two weeks ago there was snow up the Blue Mountains, yesterday I was wearing a maxi dress and today I am wearing jeans and a hoodie. See why my immune system is out of whack? My brain is running as slow as Pinky – in Pinky and The Brain –  narf!!!! and writing is completely out of the question, so I thought that I would share some of my fave Blogs with you. My seven in heaven .We’ll start with some home grown talent – since I’m Aussie and proud
1.       Sydney Girl:
I stumbled across this lovely lady easier this year. She is sweet, she is lovely and she has a wardrobe I would die for. She has a you tube channel if you want to check it out. Just like me   she has a 9-5 job in the city, and whenever she not  working  shes blogging about fashion, beauty & lifestyle. She was a total sweetheart and she keeps me hip and stylish
OMG this Blog makes my day. Before I brought a house, my life was fashion and this little lady knows fashion. Beautiful photos,thrift shopping and DIY fashion. and a wardrobe I would die for. The amount of food and recipes I have tried from this amazing chick have turned out Delicious and scrumpy . Get lost in this amazing blog.
Anyone who watches a show called One Tree Hill will know and love this Beautiful lady. Mrs Bethany Joy Lenz My personal fave is Wardrobe Wednesday also love the twenty questions she does with her friends. Tips about hair, skin care and health. She has class, beautiful and she is a kick ass Mama. Check her out and you wont be disappointed
Okay so I am a little bias with this one but I love it anyhow. This beautiful blogger is  Katina,  I actually went to school with. Imagine my surprise when I find her in the blogging world. She is open and she is honest and living in London these day. “You decide every moment of every day, who you are and what you believe in. You get a second chance every second
I found this last week a fashion blog by Annette Haga it is Norwegian so you’ll need Google Translate if your not Norwegian but you’ll enjoy it. Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle if you like all of the above you’ll love Annette
I love this because I love photography and this  is why I love this website really instead of blog. If you’re getting married, check this one out. You’ll get some wonderful ideas for your big day. My Fave was Blake + Miranda had a fun rock n roll wonderland wedding – with a splash of hillbilly wedding. I kinda like it for my beautiful if it happens eventually, if some poor guy wants to put up with me. If you like weddings, you’ll love this page
I have heard people raving about this women’s lifestyle blog, and it was only a few months ago that I decided to take a look. LOVE IT!!!! I get lost in it. Jo is a writer and blogs for magazines, including Glamour, New York, Elle, Marie Claire, Budget Travel, Conde Nast Traveler and Cookie and she covers a wide range of topics but my favorite  posts are the ones about her family life in NYC. Have a read and you might get lost in this blog too
Check them out and tell my what you think
Love L

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