Fifty Shades of Grey & Fan Fictions

Hi My Loves,

Fan fictions have been around for a while. I think there brilliant, anything that brings people together and makes them want to read or write is a good thing, is a great thing, especially when reality television shows and whichever celeb that is hot at that particular moment is wear is so important in some people minds. Anything that making people use their brain and use their imagination is wonderful

Here is something you may or may not know about Fan Fictions:

Fifty Shades of Grey was originally a Twilight fan fiction. Yes, the world wide smash hitFifty Shades of Grey (or Fifty Shades of F**ked Up as I like to call it) was actually a Fan Fiction,

I bet you’ll never think of Bella and Edward the same way again, will you?

I know I’m scarred for life.

I know some authors poo-poo the idea of fan fictions getting published or fan fiction being written at all. Yes authors of fan fiction are using other creators characters and story lines, this is why more often then not there will be a disclaimer written somewhere on it – saying all creative rights to the characters/storyline/brilliance belong to their original creator or creators

For years I was quite contend in reading everybody elses fiction about whatever television show was my favorite at the time or whatever book I was obsessed with  but slowly but surely I started to writing my own.

At first I started writing them to help me get over writers block – I never thought I would put that story on to Fan  but than I got around to thinking – why not? – What was the worst that could happen? No one would read it?  So I actually got up the courage and made an account (under a pen name – because that just plain fun) I posted the first chapter, then the second and than the unthinkable happened – people actually started to review it – and like it.

It became addictive and as people I had never met and may never meet were asking me to please write more. They would review and tell me they loved it or the brand new chapter made them cry. It spurred me on to write more and gave me the confidence in my own writing, if they liked my fan fiction, why wouldn’t they like my novels.

So maybe authors, writers and people in general should think of Fan Fictions  or should think of these websites as a writing tool to help writers, young and old – nerdy or not to keep writing

Love L


P.s – If you want to check out my fan fictions –


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