Old Fashion Love

I’ve started to wonder if old fashion love still exists. The couple that saw each other across the room at a USO dance and knew that was it. Or the English solider who only had the memories of the lady that was waiting from him back home with only her hand written letters, that smells of her perfume and is sealed with her kiss,  to get him through the rough times


 I guess I’m just an old fashioned girl. I would rather have a guy open doors for me and go get me some popcorn during the movie. He would take me up on a hill, on a blanket overlooking the city


So this got me thinking and planning a new novel idea ( yes, another one) which isn’t since a great thing since I’m near finished my current novel but these people are sitting on my brain talking away at me.So the only thing I can do is write it down and hope it turns into something

love Layla



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