The Plan…


Hi my beauties,

Am I insane?? Writing two novels at the same time? Two that are totally different from each other? One is very bitsy but the other is I’ve just finished the first act ( I don’t know why I have written it in acts but I have – maybe it was the four years of drama in high school) But the first act is done and I’m on to the second and mapping out the third and final act.

I have fallen in love with these characters and I think I will be sad to say goodbye to them but that said this is only the first draft so I think the Tommy,Sasha and Coop will be with me for a while still. My plan is to finish this at the end of the year and then next years go out and find myself an agent and get the ball roll. I just hope that someone will like my work and take a punt on me.

Put myself and my work on the line and cross my fingers – in the past I have found that I self sabotage. I get to the end of a manuscript and don’t finish , I’ll get another idea and run with that. Now I realized that I actually do it I am forcing myself to stop and finish and make sure that I am happy with what I have written

Love Layla



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