A Writer Has To Write

So I have a blog over at blogger that I haven’t written on in months but it’s more about the things that I love… well it more like my wardrobe – all over the place. Kind of like my brain. So I wanted a blog about my writing and what it is like when I write ( and how my mind feels like it is about to exploded half the time) My wonderful loving and supportive friend Kat has given me a challenge. I need a finished manuscript by Jan 2013 and I Imageneed to look into finding an agent to send that manuscript. It’s really her way of kicking me in the butt and my mind into gear.

 This year i have started writing one novel but it wasn’t flowing right and I got an idea for another novel which isn’t the type I would normally write so it’s all new and slightly scary but I’m doing it. First chapter is written ( 1st draft any how) i have 2,3,4 and maybe 10 plan out in my head sooooo send me some luck and some love

There was a quote that was very popular in my final year of high school and it was Shoot for the moon.  Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.  ~Les Brown

I have to remind myself that It’s okay to dream, it’s okay to want something more and it is hard because  it is worth it.

However is reading this thank you and wish me luck. Come on this journey with me, you may enjoy it

All my love





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