Hi all

My name is Layla and i’m a writer……well I try, as much as I can. At any time I have five stories running around so it can be hard getting focus.
ne of my biggest vices is that I’m impatient, not with people, with people I can wait but I do get impatient with my life. When I was in high school I had this fantastic plan. I’d leave school at eighteen. Be in London by twenty ( at the time the love of my life had moved there, so it made sense) by twenty four I would have an apartment in Greenwich Village and by the age I am now (26 by the way) I would have two books published and be in hot demand for a third. Can you tell that I am a writer and live in a fantasy world?

Some days I feel like I have hit a brick wall because I haven’t done anything on the list I made up almost ten years ago ( god I’ve been out of high school for almost ten years, eke) But things are never quite that simple are they ? and things that are worth having take time and I think I am only now, coming to terms with that.
Life is about the small things, like today is a long weekend in Australia and I am in my room, lying on my bed, listening to the rain falling outside my window, while drinking a hot cup of Rooibos & Vanilla Tea( really gross by the way). Watching Carrie and the Gals talking about men and Vogue.
But the thing is

I think I need a little more focus in my life!
after a lovely month of…
lounging around the house
sleeping in
I need to be more productive

I am hoping that this blog can help.
Please came along for the ride


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