Sunday Playlist



  • Just Give Me A Reason by Pink
  • Better Than Love by Griffin House
  • Lost Stars by Adam Levine
  • I Need Your Love by Calvin Harris
  • Till It’s Gone by Yelawolf
  • Cry Baby by Janis Joplin
  • No Other Love by  Chuck Prophet
  • Is It Real by Lisa Hall
  • River by Joni Mitchell
  • Earth Move Under My Feet by Carole King
  • Little Sleepy Town by The White Buffalo
  • Long Stretch Of Love by Lady Antebellum
  • Rebel Town by Harley Black
  • Son Of A Preacher Man by Joss Stone
  • Bliss Avenue by Dana Fuchs



Cool Links For Cool People


Hi My Loves,

I know all my loves on the east coast of North America is struggling to stay warm but over here on the east coast of Oz we are battling 40 degrees Celsius/104 Fahrenheit heat wave – so please sent us some snow. It looks like it is going to get hotter over the next five days, I’m thinking of having an ice block for dinner. With a 30th birthday party and High Tea the next day to consider – it shall be interesting. Where ever you are stay warm or cool or just plain comfortable. Comfortable is under rated

If Guys You’ve Dated Were Flavors Of Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream

Warm and Boozy


17 Artists From The Early 2000s That You Totally Forgot About

46 Reasons You Should Never Leave Amsterdam

I Want To Live Here

7 Habits To Create Long-Term Happiness Within You

Sh#t Happens

Be Your Flats, Love Your Flats

Get Inspired



Sunday Playlist


  • Beth – Kiss
  • Angela – John Lennon
  • Breakfast at Tiffany’s – Deep Blue Something
  • Candy – Robbie Williams
  • Darlin’ Kate – Emmylou Harris
  • Dear Marie – John Mayer
  • Eleanor Put Your Boots On – Franz Ferdinand
  • Emily by  Carline Van Houten
  • Ingrid Bergman – Billy Bragg
  • Jenny Was A Friend Of Mine – The Killers
  • Julie – Emily Kinney
  • Lana – Roy Orbison
  • Lola Montez – Volbeat
  • Lorelei – Styx
  • Maggie May – Rod Stewart


Cool Links For Cool People


Hooray For The End Of The Week!!!!

Why is it when you have a day off you still wake up at the same time but it is always good to do something different. If only for one day. Given the fact that Christmas is right around the corner. Rest up while you can and put your feet up and start by clicking on these links


Introducing Blair B Music & Vokits Photography

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Its Almost That Time

Worst & Funniest Flight, Ever

Get Your Girl Back

Yes, Yes They Did

For All The Mama’s & Papa’s Out There

For All Us 90’s Kids

PO-TA-TOES! Boil ‘em, Mash ‘em, Stick ‘em in a Stew

Prefect Companion For The Beach

Alright Alright, Like McConaughey

Under The Sea, Under The Sea

A Pretty Cool Aussie

10 Words You Need To Stop Miss Spelling

A Simple Health Tip


Sunday Playlist


Good Morning Sunshine,

Wake up and listen away

  • Young and Beautiful (DH Orchestral Version))by Lana del Rey
  • Cool Kids by Echosmith
  • Dear Future Husband by Meghan Trinor
  • What Are You waiting For by Nickleback
  • Brave by Sara Bareilles
  • Chasing the Sun by Hilary Duff
  • el Tango de Roxanne by José Feliciano
  • So We Meet Again My Heartache” by Melody Gardot
  • A Team by Ed Sheeran
  • Here Comes The Sun by George Harrison
  • Better Than Love by Griffin House
  • Let It Be Me by Ray LaMontagne
  • I Just Realized by Matt Wertz
  • Speak Plainly Diana by Joe Pug
  • Lilac Wine by Jeff Buckley


Cool Links For Cool People

NON EXCLUSIVE - UK RIGHTSHappy Friday My beautiful Souls,

We did it, we made it through the week, now time for some fun. Celebrate however you choose. I however had half an half to fill in at the shops this afternoon and ended up buying the complete works of Shakespeare and some lingerie from Honey Birdette. That my loves, tell you all you need to know about my personality. Here are your cool links for the week

Well, That Explains It

Im A Big Kid Now

Poland Here We Come

Love This Woman

Sexy, Crazy, Marriage

I’ve Always Wondered

The Hippy-Hippy Shake

Five Things to Look Forward to this Weekend


I Mean What