Till Kingdom Come 2015


Friendships fade, life moves on, the opportunity for love escapes us but when Det. Lyanna Marsh investigates a murder of an old friend. The only thing identifying him being dental records and an journal and letters belonging to her younger self. Lyanna vows to find whoever is responsible. Lyanna will need her fresh eyes and her partners years of experience to get through and *try* and keep emotions at bay ‪#‎TillKingdomCome2015‬


Sunday Playlist


Hi My Loves,

The sun is shining and the birds are singing, calling you out of your beds and into the world. Well, actually it is freezing, I am sitting next to my wood fire, with a blanket and reading I Am That Girl by Alexis Jones and I have plans in changing this picture. Wherever you are, I hope you enjoy your day

  • Come Back To Bed by John Mayer
  • Song of the Day: Lead Me On By Gloriana
  • Drop On By by Laura Bell Bundy
  • Tusk by Fleetwood Mac
  • Revofev by Kid Cudi
  • Get To Me by Lady Antebellum
  • Try by Colbie Caillat
  • LA Woman by The Doors
  • Run by to Matt Nathanson  ft Sugarland
  • I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl by Nina Simone
  • Leave My Body by Florence + The Machine
  • Message to My Girl by Split Enz
  • Dancing On The Ceiling by Lionel Richie
  • Just Keep Walking by INXS
  • Beautiful Day by U2


Cool Links For Cool People



Hi My Loves,

It has been a might big week off for me and the weekend only looks bigger. Lunches and breakfasts with my girls. Shopping, a new hair color and my cousin’s 30th birthday party. There is no stopping now. Well, maybe to look at these links I will

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This Guy Can Write A Song




A rose by any other name would smell as sweet – at least that is what Shakespeare told us. Admittedly there is a few random names floating out there Ransom, Pistol and Happiness for girls and Hatch, Forever and Subaru for boys were just some of the wacky names from last year  

Character names aren’t any different. I know if I am in a book store and I read the back of a novel and if the names isn’t quite right, I won’t buy the book – okay, I am just going to say it – if the main character has the name of a stripper Destiny,Charity, Utopia – it’s hard to connect with them. That might be ridiculous- it might be short sighted or closed minded but it’s the truth. It could have been the best piece of literature I’ve read since Wuthering Heights and I can’t part with my twenty or thirty bucks for it, if her name is Rio or Soleil.


Knowing this is how I am there is always a lot of pressure I put on myself to find the right name for my characters but like children, sometimes names suit my characters or my characters tell me their names on very special occasions. My current WIP I was lucky they all told me their names. When I first went to write about Noah – he was Noah – When I first went to write about Will- he was Will but Gin was different.

It won’t surprise you all to know that she was named after a musician Gin Wigmore – I was listening to a lot of her magic at the time and I was singing Stealing Happiness  as I was typing away. The funny thing is musician Gin and character Gin look nothing alike. Although equally as beautiful .Character Gin is brunette and curvaceous and Musician Gin is blonde and petite  but I was certain that Gin was her name – and it was pack your bags and now let’s go on her journey together.


Unfortunately not all WIP’s work the same way I’ve written have a manuscript and decided I wanted to change the main characters name.

So, a rose by any other name would smell as sweet but if the name doesn’t feel right to you, change it. Even if it is to one of those stripper names but let your character own their name, like they do their traits


Music Monday: Bob Dylan



Hi My Loves

With this week’s artist I have been a little different with my approach. I’m a Cancerian and we have a tendency to be a little obsessive. When I find an artist I like or begin to like I normally dive right in the deep end – buy every album I can find and stay in the water of new music until I crave something different – I’ve done the complete opposite with this guy. 

I didn’t grow up with Bob Dylan’s music. It isn’t in my DNA or my psyche like many artist of that time are. Of course I knew who Dylan was – or I thought I did. The only song I knew backwards was Lay Lady Lay because I think it’s the sweetest. It was until I learnt about a lady called Edie Sedgwick that I really started to open that door slowly to his music. It is rumored that Dylan wrote a few songs about Miss Edie – he has routinely denied a relationship with Edie but nevertheless – those rumors are the reason I’m writing to you now.


I’ve always knew that Jimi Hendrix song ‘Along Came A Watchtower’ was written by Dylan and I love Jimi but you guys also know that I am a sucker for a guitarist. Later I found out that Garth Brooks ‘To Make You Feel My Love’, later covered by Adele, was also written by him. The sound of his voice and his lyrics are in total contrast to one another. As the story goes Sam Cooke played Dylan for Bobby Womack, Womack reply to it was that he didn’t understand it. Cooke explained to Bobby Womack ‘From now on, it’s not going to be about how pretty the voice is. It’s going to be about believing that the voice is telling the truth’ – which is what Dylan’s lyrics do wonderfully.


In truth it was his lyrics I loved first. They use covers over his song a lot on one of my favorite televisions. It’s one show that when it’s over I am straight on to google and iTunes to D/l and learn all I can. I remember listening to a Spanish guitar instrumental on Time They Are A Changing – It sat with me and bugged me – I listened to it countless times – I knew the song but for the life of me – I couldn’t pick what the song was called but I loved it all the same. I played it for my mum and within five seconds she knew what it was – I guess she has heard more of Bob then I have. 


As I downloaded these covers I had no idea they were all written by the same man. Every song was arranged in a different way – some were folksy and there was one particular very rock version of The Girl from North Country, I adore. 

I can’t even remember how I figured out it was all Dylan but I was impressed. Maybe it was when I fall in love with his song Simple Twist Of Fate – maybe I went researching – sounds like something I would but for whatever reason I slowly find more song of Bob Dylan’s that I slowly fall in love with. Maybe it’s better that way because that way I keep getting surprised by my discovery 

Maybe you will too.

And My All Time Favorite 



Sunday Playlist

tumblr_n7wtle9NoL1r7ih64o1_500Hi My Loves,

Guess What? tomorrow I don’t have to go to work. It’s that fantastic. Well, I think it’s fantastic. No Monday morning blues. No Sunday night deed, just fun times ahead. So to get your day started, here is some amazing music

  • I Want A Little Sugar In My Bowl By Nina Simone
  • The Blues Are Brewin’ By Billie Holiday
  • Tell Mama by Etta James
  • He’s A Tramp by Peggy Lee
  • Time after Time by Ella Fitzgerald
  • Whatever Lola Wants by Sarah Vaughan
  • I’m Sorry by Brenda Lee
  • Walkin’ After Midnight by Patsy Cline
  • Three O’Clock Blues by Eric Clapton & B.B. King
  • Me and the Devil Blues by Robert Johnson
  • Crossroads by Cream
  • You Belong To Me by Jo Stafford
  • You’ve Got Me Wrapped Around Your Little Finger by Beth Rowley
  • Comin’ Home Baby by Mel Torme
  • Le temps de l’amour by Françoise Hardy


Cool Link For Cool People


Hi My Loves,

Well I am counting down the days until i am on holidays, this time next week. For my week long celebrations for my (gulp) 30th Birthday…….. I am both scared and excited. What will the next decade bring. That is the question but in the meantime. Here are your Cool links for cool people, because that’s what you are.

Finally, There Is A Trailer For This movie

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Spice Up Your Life

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Haters Gotta Hate

We’re All Beautiful

Thank You And Good Night

Now That’s Mo-ving


Music Monday: Tyler Hilton


Hi My Loves,

Once upon a time there was a talented young man that knew that music and lyrics where in his future. Knowing as he did that singing was he’s destiny, he called a Los Angeles radio show and performed. That grand gesture secured him a deal Queen Madonna’s record label and the rest is history

I first saw Tyler as so many did on the CW show One Tree Hill as the character Chris Keller. His character evolve from a cocky guy to more mature understanding kind of guy in guest spots in eight of the nine seasons of the show but one thing that was constant was his music. Don’t let the teen TV drama and countless appearances in music video clips (including Gloriana’s Kissed You Goodnight and Ms Taylor Swift’s Teardrops On My Guitar) fool you. This guys is a talented musician in his own right


Tyler Hilton has been a songwriter and musician for most of his life.A huge fan of Elvis Presley, Robert Johnson, and Muddy Waters, Hilton spent several years performing at open mic nights and clubs, and playing blues and jazz covers for tips in coffeehouses and restaurants, as all musician should. My fear is that he gets over looked sometimes. The hair, the eyes, the obvious marketing the teen market – but he always has the perfect mix of melody, lyrics, and rhythm, that makes him stand out from say the John Mayer’s of the world. He can go from laid back country to blues and yet there is a Elvis-ness to him also. Which would explain why he was cast as Elvis in Walk The Line 

In 2012 Tyler release his first full length album in eight years ( he has countless EP’s for you to enjoy) The album includes some of Hilton’s best work yet. You can tell the it was an enjoy labor of love and his music is evolving and I can’t wait to see where he my take it in the future.